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Pollock Tartan

In 1979, the late Rhys Pollock organized Clan Pollock. Shortly afterward, Clan Pollock adopted its own tartan and registered it with the Scottish Tartan Society in Scotland.

Our original Pollock Tartan was designed by Rhys A Pollock, J.C. Thomson of Arlington is thought to have had a large hand in the design and produced by D.C.Dalgliesh Ltd. and Registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority.

Over the years, the various Mills that produced the Pollock Tartan, did not use the same registered weave, which has caused several minor differences from one mill to the other.

Over the years we have had only the Pollock Ancient available, made by various Tartan Mills; Dalgliesh, Lochcarron, N. Bately...

Dalgliesh informed us of an additional Pollock Tartan, which appeared to be the Pollock Black Dress (Below), but this was due to a scanner issue from Dalgliesh, actual color is a dark green as shown on the Clan Merchandise page.

We have added the Pollock Black as well, so three versions of our Tartan are now available on the Clan Merchandise page.

A new round of mill consolidation has forced us to reevaluate who should produce our tartan for us. Because Lochcarron has the best pricing and will stock our tartan for us, reducing delays between ordering and shipping, Locharron has won the Clan's business.

To learn more about tartans see: Scottish Tartans Authority: Scottish Register of Tartans:

Another good source of information of Tartans was shared with us by Cora Miller (Thanks Cora!), it is Lulus Guide To Scottish Tartans.

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