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You can save postage, money order or Currency conversion, if join or renew online.

However, the cost is $16 online or $15 if check is mailed.

If you are joining for the first time, please fill out the application form and email it or mail it to:
Clan Pollock Treasurer
7676 Misty Glen Ave
Boise, ID 83709

Please include your address so we can ensure we credit the correct people - many Clan Members share the same noble names.

New Membership
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Automatic membership renewal
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Nothing To Mail
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Nothing To Remember
The Saddest Option!
If your life has changed so much you're no longer proud to be a Pollock, you can end your membership!
No More Newsletter
No More Invitations to Clan Pollock Events


(*) On the fellowship thing, we're a friendly bunch and we'll welcome you into our tent even if you're not a member!  If a bottle is being passed around, you'll still be welcome to partake, even if you're not a member.

11 thoughts on “Membership Page”

  1. My name is Iqbal karmali. Name sounds Gujarati but I’m in Uganda Kampala . I am a direct descendent of sir Frederick pollock via his daughter grace Anne Pollock and then Mary Jane Herbert . They are respectively my great grandfather Walter Godfrey Pooles mother and grandmother .sir Frederick is my third great grandfather . How do I sign up

  2. Hi my grandad was Frank pollock so is my dad would love to find out more a could be to do some one on here my dad has lot of bro and sis Grace Mary Nikki Glen John joncy Scot Liz and more x

  3. Jeannette Robinson

    My great grandfather was John Pollock, wife Mary Steinberger. They were married in St. Kitts and had children, one of which is my grandmother Rose Agatha Pollock. I am searching for my Pollock family. Can someone help?
    Thank you

  4. How can I verify that I am a descendant? My DNA matches the Polks, but my research stops at William Polk 1700-Wife Margaret Polk. Thank you, Kathy Brewington

  5. Both my maternal and paternal lines go back to Captain Charles Polk. I have a paper trail that connects each generation from William and Margaret Polk to myself. Please advise me on how to become a member. Thank you!

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