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If you are joining for the first time, please fill out the application form and email it or mail it to:
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Please include your address so we can ensure we credit the correct people - many Clan Members share the same noble names.

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(*) On the fellowship thing, we're a friendly bunch and we'll welcome you into our tent even if you're not a member!  If a bottle is being passed around, you'll still be welcome to partake, even if you're not a member.

12 thoughts on “Membership Page”

  1. My name is Iqbal karmali. Name sounds Gujarati but I’m in Uganda Kampala . I am a direct descendent of sir Frederick pollock via his daughter grace Anne Pollock and then Mary Jane Herbert . They are respectively my great grandfather Walter Godfrey Pooles mother and grandmother .sir Frederick is my third great grandfather . How do I sign up

  2. Hi my grandad was Frank pollock so is my dad would love to find out more a could be to do some one on here my dad has lot of bro and sis Grace Mary Nikki Glen John joncy Scot Liz and more x

  3. Jeannette Robinson

    My great grandfather was John Pollock, wife Mary Steinberger. They were married in St. Kitts and had children, one of which is my grandmother Rose Agatha Pollock. I am searching for my Pollock family. Can someone help?
    Thank you

  4. How can I verify that I am a descendant? My DNA matches the Polks, but my research stops at William Polk 1700-Wife Margaret Polk. Thank you, Kathy Brewington

  5. Am interested in your site, as I descend from Robert Poage, of County Antrim to Staunton, Virginia around 1700. I’ve participated in the Oliver YDNA Project via Family Tree. Surnames have not been of much value in going back further. I think Haplotype Groups, genetics hold more promise as so much paper in Virginia burned up. I don’t think any of this YDNA information will be useful as to this Poage connection. Roughly, I have a paper trail back to my Robert Poage, nothing further back.. Is additional testing likely to illuminate anything? Autosomal, Mitochondrial??

    Sincerely, SMO
    Ferndale, WA

  6. Both my maternal and paternal lines go back to Captain Charles Polk. I have a paper trail that connects each generation from William and Margaret Polk to myself. Please advise me on how to become a member. Thank you!

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