5th Annual
Treasure Valley Celtic Festival

This Festival has grown a lot in the last few years. We grew from 8 Clans last year to about 20 clans this year. We set an record attendance this year and may have to find a new location within the next couple of years due to growth of the Festival. Still, what a tremendous event in the Idaho Botanical Gardens!

Sleekit Beaties Pipe Band

One Year old band made up of students of the local Scottish Shop.

First ever Performance!

Among this band, we placed 1 gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in the Solo Competition.


Clan Treasurer is dead center...
No pictures of the individual competition, but I took 3rd in the Grade 4 solo competition.

First Year to have the Wicked Tinkers in Boise.


Tinkers talking with the kids...

Clan Tent - I did not have help this year, so no one else to man the tent when I was taking the picture.


Inside the Tent - Flags of Nova Scotia, National Flag of Scotland, and US Flags

More of the Tent - Bonnie Scotland and the Royal Flag of Scotland


Closing Ceremonies, three pipes bands from Idaho and Washington.

Going for the Field record!