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The Seal of Robert de Polloc

The Seal of Robert de Polloc This page is concerned with a rather surprising historical fact of importance to all Clan Pollock International: The Seal of Robert de Polloc The Seal is located in the British Library, Department of Manuscripts, London, England. The Seal is identified as Seal XLVII. 998, and it is part of a collection of casts of seals donated in 1875 by David Laing (1793-1878)(1) a noted Scottish antiquary.(2) No record in known as to how and from whom David Laing acquired the Seal.

Robert de Polloc was the Grandson of Fulbert, our progenitor.

The Seal was used by Robert de Polloc in ca. 1208 A.D.(3) It reads "Sigillum Roberti de Polloc". The central figure is that of a boar, pierced in its upper quarter with a dart. This seal was one of the earliest private seals used in Britain.(4)

In shape, the seal is a slightly irregular circle, 1 1/2 " in diameter. The outre part has a 1/4" circular section completely around the circumference, including the words "Sigillum Roberti de Polloc". The central figure is that of a boar, pierced in its upper quarter with a dart, according to the written descriptions. The dart was not visible, however, on the seal when I inspected it during a visit to the museum on 10 June 1997, and the British Museum Staff confirmed my observation. They believed the dart may have disappeared through early usage or erosion over time.

The original seal was probably made of beeswax, according to the Museum authorities.

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~ Richard H. Pollock
Genealogist, Clan Pollock International
This appeared in the August 2011 Pollag.