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For a number of years The Pollag, the Clan newsletter, has been blessed with the writings of John F. Polk, Ph.D., our Clan Historian. John loves his family, his clan, and Clan Pollock and we are all the better off for it. We have collected a number of the articles Dr. Polk has written for The Pollag here.

From all of us at The Pollag and the web page, Thank you Dr. Polk!

3 thoughts on “Historians Corner”

  1. John Polk, Historian
    In doing some research about my ancestry, I have discovered that my grandmother, Nora Lee Davenport Beck’s mother, Ellen Nora Isaphen Polk, daughter of Eziekiel Daniel Polk, are descedents of the Polks in Carlisle, PA and Mecklenburg County, NC. This family also appeared in the states of Mississippi and Tennessee. I do believe from reading extensively about these ancestors that I might be related to President John Polk. Would it be possible for you to contact me. I would appreciate any time you might have to just give me some leads as to how I can find out further information about my ancestors. I have watched your CSPAN video of the Clan Pollack and it is from these facts that I feel there might possibly be some connection to my Polk ancestors. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Information about Fulbert the Saxon? Was Fulbert a Continental Saxon or a Saxon from Britain? Did Fulbert or his offspring migrate to Normandy where they became associated with Walter Fitzallan? Is there any documentation that Fulbert participated in the Battle of Hasting or Battle of the Standard?

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