Clan Pollock

Four Generation Family Tree,
from Robert and Magdalen Polke

John F. Polk, Ph.D.
Historian, Clan Pollock International

The genealogical tree of the Polk family of the Maryland eastern shore and Delaware presented here was developed from primary source records available at the Maryland Hall of Records at Annapolis, and at the Delaware State Archives at Dover. All available county and provincial probate, land, judicial and tax records were consulted. It cannot, of course, be claimed that this tree is comprehensive since there may have been children and marriages for which no record was found, especially on the female side.

In a number of cases the information shown here does not agree with assertions made in Polk Family and Kinsmen by W.H. Polk, one of the standard references for Polk family history. It should be recognized that that work was based in large part on secondary sources obtained in correspondence from Polk’s home in Lexington, Kentucky. He had little access to primary sources so it is not surprising that some errors would occur, especially with respect to the colonial period. In a few cases, limited to the fourth generation, the present tree has incorporated information taken from “Polk Family and Kinsmen” which could not be otherwise confirmed.

A simple indexing system is introduced to identify each descendant and spouse. A single digit is used for the first generation, and an additional digit added for each subsequent generation. Thus P1 is the immigrant and progenitor, Robert Polke. In the second generation P15, for example, denotes Robert’s fifth child (Ephraim), and P152 is the second child (Charles) of Ephraim, etc. Wives and husbands are indicated by adding a “.w “or “.h” to the spouse’s index.

The spelling “Polke” is used here for Robert because that was by far the most frequently used spelling of his name in the nearly 50 times that it appears in Somerset County, Maryland, colonial records.

John F. Polk, Ph.D.

Historian, Clan Pollock International

First generation:

P1 Robert Polke (d.1703)

P1.w Magdalen (Tasker) Polk (d.1728)

Second generation:

P11 Anne Polk

P12 John Polk

P13 Margaret Polk

P14 William Polk

P15 Ephraim Pollock

P16 James Pollock

P17 Robert Polk (Jun.)

P18 David Polk

P19 Joseph Pollock

P1m Martha Polk


(N) - an unknown name.

PF&K - “Polk Family and Kinsmen”, William H. Polk; Bradley & Gilbert, Louisville KY, 1912.

Family of P11 - Anne Polk

P11 Anne Polk b.1665-6 m1.1690 m2.1710

P11.h1 Francis Roberts m3.1690 d.1703

P11.h2 John Renshaw m.1710 d.1721

P111 Edward Roberts b.1691-3 d.1774

P111.w Ann Polk (P122) b. 1698/1/27

P1111 William Roberts b.1729 d.1794

P1111.w Mary Jones d.1825

P1112 Edward Roberts unm. d.1762

P1113 Francis Roberts b.1732

P1113.w Elizabeth Pollock (P1612) d.>1775

P1114 Priscilla Roberts m.>1754 d.1773

P1114.h David Pollock, Jun. (P1611) d.1770

P1115 Mary Roberts d.1754

P1115.h (N) Williams d.<1754

P112 Priscilla Roberts b.1694 m1.? m2.1729-30 d.1768

P112.h1 William Polk (P121) b.1695 m.? d.1726

P112.h2 Patrick Quatermus m.1729-30

P1121 Jean Polk

P1122 Ann Polk

P1123 John Polk

P1123.w Elizabeth (N)

Family of P12 - John Polk

P12 John Polk, cooper, m2.<1706 d.1708

P12.w1 Jane Knox 1692 d. 1700/10/28

P12.w2 Joanna (N) (possibly Smith) m.<1706 d.>1731

P121 William Polk b.1695/7/11 d.1726

P121.w Priscilla Roberts (P112) b.1694 d.1768

P1211 Jean Polk

P1212 Ann Polk

P1213 John Polk d.1775

P1213.w Elizabeth (N)

P122 Anne Polk b.1698/1/27

P122.h Edward Roberts (P111) b. 1692 d.1774

P1221 William Roberts b. 1728 d.1794

P1221.w Mary Jones d.1825

P1222 Edward Roberts d.1762

P1223 Francis Roberts b.1732 d.1775

P1223.w Elizabeth Pollock (P1612) d.>1775

P1224 Priscilla Roberts m. >1754 d.1773

P1224.h David Pollock, Jun. (P1611) d.1770

P1225 Mary Roberts d.1754

P1225.h (N) Williams d.<1754

P123 John Polk b. 1700/10/22 d.1700/10/29

P124 Robert Polk d.1771

P124.w Alice Covington d.1773

P1241 Col. William Polk d.1788

P1241.w1 Sarah Laws

P1241.w2 Eleanor (N)

P1241.w3 Mary Vaughan Woodgate m.<1782 d.1789

P1242 Robert Polk, Jun. d.1771

P1243 Daniel Polk b.1750 m.1775 d.1796

P1243.w Margaret Nutter White b.1758 m.1775 d.1796

P1244 John Polk d.1774

P1245 Sarah Polk d. by 1770

P1245.h Christopher Nutter d. by Feb 1773

P1246 Betty Polk

P1246.h1 Robert Polk (P192) d.1768

P1246.h2 Manuel Manlove (P1515) d.1773

P1246.h3 Levin Crapper d.1775

P1246.h4 Rev. Sydenham Thorn

P1247 Ann Polk

P1247.h John Laws, Jun

P1248 Esther Polk

P1248.h1 Winlock Russum d.1774

P1248.h2 Richard Stanfield

P125 John Polk (of Little Creek) ca.1708 m.<1743 d.1788

P125.w Sarah Vaughan m.<1743 d.1783

P1251 William Polk d.1791

P1251.w1 Rachel Bell

P1251.w2 Leah Marshall d.1797

P12512 Ann Polk

P1252 John Polk, Jun d.1782

P1252.w1 Betty Moore

P1252.w2 Polly Dolbee

P1252.w3 Mary (N) Houston m.>1775 d.>1790

P1253 Levin Polk unm.

P1254 Eunice (Nicey) Jane Polk b.1743 m.1767 d.1809

P1254.h Capt John Scroggin b.1743/11/13 m.1767 d.1812/12/14

P1255 Elizabeth Polk d.>1789

P1255.h Lowder Sirman b.1737 d.1789

P1256 Sarah Polk

P1256.h John Bacon

Family of P13 - Margaret Polk

P13 Margaret Polk b.1670 d.>1734

P13.h1 Thomas Pollett/Pollitt (Phollett) m.1687 d.1708

P13.h2 Richard Tull d.1710

P13.h3 Charles Williams b.1650 m.<1716 d.1734

P131 John Pollett b.1689 d.1749

P131.w Mary (N) (poss. Mary Polk, dau of P16) d.>1749

P1311 John Pollett, Jun. b. 1728, d.1808

P1311.w Mary Dennis, widow of Samuel Handy

P132 Thomas Pollett b.1690 d.1743

P132.w Sarah Williams d.>1743

P1321 Thomas Pollett b.1717, d.1786

P1322 William Pollett b.1721, d.1772

P1323 George Pollett b.1719, d.>1774

P1324 Jonthan Pollett b.1722, d.1806

P1325 John Pollett d.>1771

P1326 Mary Pollett d.>1771

P1326.h Michael Disharoon, blacksmith d.1756

P1327 Margaret Pollett d.>1771

P1327.h William Stevens d.1770

P1328 Elizabeth Pollett d.>1771

P1239 Sarah Pollett d.>1753-4

P123a Priscilla Pollett d.1753-4

P133 William Pollett d.1743

P133.w Alice (N) d.>1743

P1331 Richard Pollett d.>1743

P134 Richard Pollett b.1694 d.<1708

P135 Margaret Pollett b.1700/3/31

P136 Isabel Pollett b.1702/4/15

Family of P14 - William Polk

P14 William Polk, cooper b.1673, m.1699 d.1739

P14.w Ann/Nancy (Knox) Owens,, m2.1699, d.<1739

P141 James Polk b.1700, m.?, d.1771

P141.w Betty Cottman, d.1780

P1411 John Polk/Pollock; left for Carolinas by 1756

(Appears in tax lists; not mentioned in James’s will, but nowhere else to place him)

P1411.w Ellen Gray, dau. of John Gray (d.1748)

P1412 Virginia Polk (per PF&K, but no other record)

P1412.h Unknown

P1413 William Polk, d.1806

P1413.w Mary Williams

P1414 Benjamin Polk, b.1738 d.1796

P1414.w Sarah Whittington, d.>1804

P1415 Priscilla Polk, b.1740, d.1834

P1415.h Col. William Whittington,,, d.1818

P1416 Joshua Polk, b. 1740, d.1790

P1416.w Mary (Brown?), d.1797

P1417 Nancy Polk, unm.

P1418 Leah Polk,

P1418.h (N) Weatherly

P1419 Mary Polk

P1419.h1 James Bratton, d.<1797

P1419.h2 Mr. Anderton

P141a Elizabeth (Betty) Polk

P141a.h (N) Morrow

P142 Jane Polk d.>1766

P142.h James Strawbridge b.1680 d.<1743

P1421 Mary Strawbridge

P1421.h Jacob Williams b.1718 d.<1778

P1422 William Strawbridge m.1788

P1422.w Mary Jane Whittington ca.1770 m.1788

P143 David Polk b.1705 d.1778

P143.w Elizabeth Gillis

P1431 Josiah Polk b.1736 unm. d.1782

P1432 Sinah Polk d.1803

P1432.h Esme Bayley d.1801

P1433 Gilliss Polk b.1742 d.1793

P1433.w Hannah Dunlop

P1434 James Polk b.1750 m.1774 d.1795

P1434.w Nancy Henry b.1755 m.1774 d. 1809

P1435 David Polk d.1773-78

P1436 William Polk b.1752 d.1812

P1436.w1 Esther (Hetty) Winder b.1751 m.1775 d.1790

P1436.w2 Nancy (Purnell) Dennis d.1794

P1436.w3 Mary Hubbell m.1806

P144 Elizabeth Polk m.1733 d.<1775

P144.h John Williams b.1692 m.1733 d.<1760/12

P1441 Priscilla Williams b.1733 m.1762

P1441.h Samuel Curtis

P1442 Mary Williams 1736/1/25

P1442.h William Polk (P1412) b.1731 d.1806

P1443 Capt John Williams b.1739 m.1767 d.1797

P1443.w Elizabeth (Betsey) Jones m.1767

P1444 Josiah Williams b.1742

P1445 Benjamin Williams b.1747

Family of P15 - Ephraim Polk

P15 Ephraim Pollock, planter m.1700 d.1718

P15.w Elizabeth Williams b.1681 d.>1751

P151 Magdalen Polk d.1770

P151.h1 Samuel Owens d.1731

P151.h2 Manuel Manlove m.1732 d.1743

P1511 James Owens b.<1724 d.1760-2

P1511.w Keziah (Kisia) Evans

P1512 Ann Owens

P1512.h (N) Burroughs

P1513 Elizabeth Owens m.<1740

P1513.h John Burroughs m.<1740

P1514 Jonathan Manlove d.1785

P1515 Manuel Manlove (Jun.) d.1773

P1515.w Betty Polk (P1246)

P1516 Boaz Manlove

P1516.w (N)

P1517 Elizabeth Manlove

P1518 Ann Manlove

P1519 George Manlove d.1787

P1519.w Sally (N)

P151a Sarah Manlove

P151a.h (N) Manlove

P152 Charles Polk b.1704 m.1736 d.1784

P152.w Patience Manlove b.1711 m.1736 d.1776

P1521 Mary Magdalen Polk b.1739 m.1760

P1521.h1 Henry Bowman m.1760 d.1762

P1521.h2 Robert Minors b.1737 m.1763

P1522 Charles Polk (Jun.) b.1740 m.1786 d.17958

P1522.w Mary Manlove (a cousin) m.1786 d.>1795

P1523 Priscilla Polk b.1742 d. 1818

P1523.h1 Richard Hayes m.1766

P1523.h2 Pemberton Carlyle

P1524 Anna (Nancy) Polk b.1744

P1525 George Polk b.1746 d.1795/12

P1525.w Peggy Williams (or Ms. Ryan?) m.< 1776

P1526 John Polk b.1748 d.1782

P153 Elizabeth Pollock

P154 Priscilla Polk

P154.h1 John Willey d.1742

P154.h2 Warren Burroughs 1747

P155 Ann Polk

P156 Mary Polk

P157 Joseph Polk d.1812

P157.w Sarah Coverdale

P1571 Isaac Polk b.1751 unm. d.1824

P1572 Lt. John Polk b.1754 m.1776 d.1814

P1572.w Amelia Hurst m.1776

P1573 Joseph Polk (Jun) b.1758 d.1823

P1573.w1 m1. Miss Layton b.1762 d.1784

P1573.w2 m2. Margaret Neal

P1574 Jesse Polk b.1761

P1575 Priscilla Polk b.1763

P1576 Ann Polk b.1765

P158 Ephraim Polk II b.1718 d.1791

P158.w Mary Manlove

P1581 Elizabeth Polk b.1739 unm. d.<1799

P1582 Emmanuel Polk unm. d.1797

P1583 Joseph Polk d.1796

P1583.w m. Elizabeth Hayes

P1584 Jehosephat Polk d.1801

P1584.w Hannah (N) d.>1801

P1585 Joab Polk d.>1799

P1586 Mary Polk

P1587 Esther Polk

P1587.h (N) Owens

P1588 Nancy Polk

P1589 Ephraim Polk (III) b.1758 m.1792 d.1814

P1589.w Rhoda Morris (P191a) b.1773 m.1792 d.1839

Family of P16 - James Pollock

P16 James Pollock, ships carpenter d.1727

P16.w Anne Williams b.1683 d.>1734

P161 David Pollock (I) b.1704 d.1773

P161.w Elizabeth Turpin (?)

P1611 David Pollock (II) d.1770

P1611.w Priscilla Roberts (P1114)

P1612 Elizabeth Pollock d.<1775

P1612.h Francis Roberts b.1732 d.1775

P1613 Mary Pollock

P1613.h Wm. Jewett (Duett) d.1783

P1613.h Jesse Griffith

P1614 Love Pollock

P1614.h1 John Collins

P1614.h2 Alexander Polk d.1807

P1614.h3 Alexander Laws

P1615 Emelia Pollock

P1615.h Alexander Laws d.1789

P162 Mary Pollock

P162.h John Pollett (?) (P131) b.1689 d.1749

P163 Henry Pollock d.1757

P164 John Pollock b.1709 d.1779

P164.w Mary (N)

P1641 John Polk (of John) d.1796

P1641.w Susan (N) d.<1805

P1642 Elinor (Nelly) Polk unm. d.1789

P1643 Jenny (Jane) Polk

P1643.h1 William Polk m.<1790 d.<1797

P1643.h2 (N) Owens m.<1797

P1644 Nancy Polk m.<1779 d.>1797

P1644.h (N) Maxwell m.<1779 d.>1797

P1645 Mary Polk m.<1779

P1645.h Edward Williams m.<1779 d.>1797

P165 Sarah Pollock

P166 Margaret Pollock

P167 Elizabeth Pollock

P168 James Pollock d.1772

P168.w Sarah Henderson d.1775

P1681 James Polk d.1789

P1681.w Lucilla (N)

P1682 Sarah Pollock

P1683 John Pollock

P1684 Avery Polk (?)

P1685 Leah Polk (?)

P1686 Edward Polk (?)

P1687 (N)

P1688 (N)

P1689 (N)

P169 Magdalen Pollock

P169.h William Pollett (?) b.1691

P16a Anna Pollock

P16b Unnamed child Pollock (possibly Roger Tasker Polk) b.1727 d.1778

P16b.w Nancy Roberts (dau. of P1113)

P16b1 Roger Tasker Polk, Jun

Family of P17 - Robert Polk (II)

P17 Robert Polk (II) d.1727

P17.w Grace Guillett b.1682/3/3

P171 Thomas Polk

(From secondary sources, not validated)

P171.w1 Vier (Lurvinah) (N)

P171.w2 (N) (possibly Grace Johns)

P171.w3 (N) (possibly Priscilla Dunn)

P1711 Daniel Polk

P1711.w Nancy (N)

P1712 Thomas Polk, Jun.

P1713 John Polk

P1714 Luke Polk

P1715 Robert Polk

P172 Robert Polk (III)

P173 (N) (daughter) Polk

P174 Susan Polk(?) b.1717 m.1738 d.1800

(From secondary sources, not validated)

P174.h David Reese b.1709 m.1738 d.1787

P1741 James Polk Reese b.1739

P1741.w Annie Polk

P1742 Dr. Thomas Reese b.1742 m.1773 d.1796

P1742.w Jane Harris b.1742 m.1773 d.1804

P1743 Catherine Reese b.1744

P1743.h William Sharpe

P1744 David Tasker Reese b.1746

P1744.w Mary Wilson

P1745 Susan Polk Reese b.1748

P1746 Charles Guillette Reese b.1750

P1746.w Indian princess

P1747 George Reese b.1752 m.1785 d.1837

P1747.w Anna Story b.1764 m.1785 d.1852

P1748 Mary Joanna Reese b.1754

P1748.h Robert Harris

P1749 Solomon Trustin Reese b.1757

P1749.w Harriet Jack

P174a Ruth Elizabeth Reese b.1760

P174a.h (N) Henry

P175 (N) (daughter) Polk

P176 Grace Polk

P177 Mary Polk

P18 David Polk died ca. 1701, unmarried

P1m Martha Polk, untraced

Family of P19 - Joseph Pollock

P19 Joseph Pollock b.1689 d.1752

P19.w1 (N) Wright d.<1740

P19.w2 Lydia (N) d.>1783

P191 Ann Polk b.1732 m.1754 d.1816

(Following taken from PF&K)

P191.h Daniel Morris Jun. m.1754

P1911 Daniel Morris b.1755 d.1806

P1912 Curtis Morris b.1755 d.1804

P1912.w (N) Wright

P1913 Rebecca Morris b.1759 unm.

P1914 Robert Morris b.1761 unm.

P1915 Brinkley Morris b.1763 d.>1830

P1916 Mary (Polly) Morris b.1765

P1916.h John Hopkins

P19161 John Hopkins

P19162 Robert Hopkins

P19163 Betsy Hopkins

P1917 Ann Morris b.1767 unm.

P1918 John Morris b.1769 d.1817

P1918.w (N) Loflin

P19181 William Morris

P19182 Thomas Morris

P19183 Daniel Morris

P1919 William Morris b.1772

P1919.w (N) Beauchamp

P19191 John Morris

P19192 William Morris

P19193 Jesse Morris

P191a Rhoda Morris b.1773 m.1792 d.1839

P191a.h Ephraim Polk (III) (P1589) b.1758 m.1792 d.1814

P191b Sarah Morris b.1775

P191b.h William Beauchamp

P191c Daniel Morris

P191c.w Hannah Risque b.1779

P192 Robert Polk d.1768

P192.w Betty Polk (P1246) d.>1787

P1921 Clement Polk (P12461) b.>1746 unm. d.1784

P193 Zephaniah Polk m.1775

P193.w Lucretia Causey m.1775

P194 Rebeccah Polk

P195 Rhoda Polk m.1791

P195.h William Masten m.1791

P196 James Polk

P197 Magdalen Polk

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  1. Dear Mr. John F. Polk,
    I am in awe of all the information your have posted here. It gives me so more to spur me one to keep hunting. I am distant relative of the POLK clan only by marriage but I have been studying them as of late.
    Do you have any clear idea of when the boundaries between MD and DE changed? My family line is from Delaware. I am struggling a bit with searching because I am not sure where to look.
    I came across something today I had not seen before. Have you heard of “The abridged compendium of American genealogy; first families of America; a genealogical encyclopedia of the United States,edited by Frederick A. Virkus” It has seven volumes.
    This is the link to the part I was looking at that I believe are my relation.

    Thank you,
    Debra VanDette Cain

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