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Books of Note

Beth Avery

Scottish Clans and Their Associated Families: A Researcher's Guide,compiled by Robert J. Heston. This 140-page book is the only authorized guide to family names and their clan affiliations now available, either in North America or in Great Britain. Over the centuries, thousands of smaller families have allied with larger ones in order to survive the unsettled conditions which prevailed in many parts of Scotland. In some cases, it is possible to assign a family to one larger clan, and thus to simplify the questions of "what is my tartan?" and "what is my clan?". Other families have settled in different parts of Scotland at different times and over the years have allied with more than one of the larger clans, and thus a family name often is found listed as being a sept of more than one family organization.

This useful guide has been compiled through close association and cooperation with those clans which are members of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA). It therefore includes family links which are accepted by the clan societies themselves, and should be viewed as the guide to be used when referring individuals to a particular clan or family group.

It is a work of detailed research and scholarship which will prove invaluable at tartan information tents, at Scottish Highland Games, and indeed, throughout the Scottish- American world.

This book is available from for $24.95 plus shipping.  It is available in hardback and PDF.

Pogue/Pollock/Polk Genealogy as Mirrored in History from Scotland to Northern Ireland/Ulster, Ohio, and Westward. by Lloyd Welch Pogue This 1990 book published by Gateway Press, is no longer in print, but it is available at many libraries. So check your local library, if they don't have it they may be able to borrow it from another library.

This appeared in the October 2007 Pollag.

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