Clan Pollock

Clan Pollock - About Us

Isn't it strange that in this atomic age, the nuclear family is an endangered species? And that in today's information age, it is harder and harder to find information about your extended family?

It is truly said that, "A person who takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors cannot expect to be remembered for his noble deeds by remote descendants."

As an organization dedicated to supporting Clan Pollock, we remember Clan Pollock members who have gone on to their final rewards, work to keep our history alive; work to connect today's Clan Pollock members through participation in gatherings, Highland Games, the Colloden Stone project, DNA projects; and work to help prepare the next generation of Clan Pollock members to remember their roots and to remain faithful to their traditions.

Some say we're a proud lot. We like to say we have a lot to proud of!