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Month: September 2019

Alexander Hamilton’s Pollock Lineage

From The Historian’s Corner: The Pollock Lineage of Alexander Hamilton The recent bestseller about Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow is a lively account of a fascinating man who made profound contributions to our Republic in its formative years. The achievements of Hamilton are particularly remarkable in that he rose from almost total obscurity and penury to the heights of prominence by …

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Membership Page

You Can Become a Clan Pollock Member  or  Renew your membership Online You can save postage, money order or Currency conversion, if join or renew online. However, the cost is $16 online or $15 if check is mailed. If you are joining for the first time, please fill out the application form and email it …

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Pollok House

Links to Information About  The Pollok House       Pollok House (Official Site at National Trust for Scotland) Pollok House at “Undiscovered Scotland: The Ultimate Online Guide” WikiPedia Entry for the Pollok House      

DNA Project

Polk-Pollock-Pogue DNA Project The Polk-Pollock-Pogue (PPP) DNA Project is open to all persons claiming Polk-Pollock-Pogue, etc, ancestry through blood or marriage who are interested in discovering or clarifying their PPP family genealogy through DNA testing and sharing of results. All variant surname spellings are welcome. The project website is located at We primarily use …

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The Culloden Walk is a striking feature leading up to the Culloden Visitor Centre. Many supporters joined the Walkway fund drive by buying over 1200 comemorative stones as part of the Culloden Walk fund raiser. Clan Pollock is a proud supporter of the Culloden Walk. For more information about the Culloden Battle Site, just click the picture.  

Flowers of the Forest

Clan Pollock – Flowers of the Forest Memories are a great resource. This page is dedicated to the memories of Clan Pollock member’s, past and present. “A person who takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors cannot expect to be remembered for his noble deeds by remote descendants.” If you would like to …

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